friday5 for April 5, 2013

A plague on my one and only house... Okay, not a plague, but definitely some form of non-giving-up illness. Clingy like that awkward boy who IMs and texts when you tell him not to call. I am so not down with the sickness, bloggies. The sickness is not welcome here. So because my head is still fuzzy (though I'm happy to say, much improved since earlier in the week), I'm going to change things up a bit for today's Friday5. I present to you, my Top 5 Re-watchable in your Jamms and Blanket Cozy Couch Flicks aka classic comfort movies to watch when you're sick and your brain is only sort-of working:

1. High Fidelity. This is one of my go-to re-watchable movies. It's funny, heartfelt, and John Cusack is just so lovable. Plus, the soundtrack is great. And hey, nothing like a movie about Top 5 lists to top the Friday5, amiright?

2. The Virgin Suicides. What is it about this movie that I love so much? I don't even know if I can explain. It's haunting and sad, but something about it is so beautiful. I love Sophie Coppola's soft focus style. It makes everything so pretty and dream-like. There's just something about this film that captivates me--a magic that makes me wonder if it's possible for a known ending to turn out differently, at least in the way it affects us.

3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Because it's awesome.

4. Where the Heart Is. I'm not normally a chick-flick kinda gal, but I love Natalie Portman and will watch her in (almost) anything. Plus, vegging on the couch while sick is exactly the right time to indulge in those guilty pleasure genres you might normally avoid. "You feel that, that little bomp, bomp, bomp? That's where the heart is."

5.SLC Punk! This is my wildcard pick. The truth is, I have more than five go-to movies for when I feel like being lazy and watching something I've seen before (I'll probably instantly think of 20 more after I publish this post), but SLC Punk! made the cut because it's such a fantastic, and yet little known, film. It starts out as one thing, but quickly transforms into another, and for a film that many could easily dismiss, it actually carries a really important message.

See? Just like that you have a variety of entertainment options should this yo-yoing weather leave your body weakened and on the couch.

Happy weekend!