pretty little recap: she's SO not better

Despite my bad blogger tendencies as I settle back into work, I did manage a little time to live-blog (well, live-type and post a day later because OUR INTERNET WAS DOWN FOR SEVERAL HOURS. Ahem. Apparently I get testy when that happens...) the return of our dear PLL, which is looking just as insane and awesome as always. Regular blog posts to return soon, but until then, let's dive into the...

3.14 She's Better Now
Crazy Mona's back, my PLLers (is that a thing?), and despite the title of this week's episode, she is very much so not someone you would classify as "better."

Previously on PLL: Confession time. I totally was only half-paying attention during the episode where they introduced all this Vivian Darkbloom business. So every time it's mentioned, my brain goes all, "??!?????!" I really need to rewatch it--or maybe it never made much sense. I blame Aria. Oh PLL, welcome back!

Photo credit: ABC Family
We open that an A-teamer on a skateboard? Those guys are so skilled. Oh, it's Crazy Mona. She's very resourceful in her escapades. I'm pretty sure if I were Hanna and I woke up to find Crazy Mona was SOMEHOW in my room, I'd get the hell out of Dodge..

Okay. Whoa. What is going on? I guess the skateboarder wasn't Crazy Mona? Editing-confusion. So another A teamer, maybe? Whoever it is... Creeper Toby no likey! Creeper Toby angry! Creeper Toby SMASH! Oh Creeper Toby. Seriously, welcome back, PLL.

Emily and Mr. Emily...blah blah blah Alison. Blah blah blah house arrest because the world is out to murder you, apparently.

Hooray for Spencer and Aria! Aria is at her best when she's with Spence. Her outfit does not disappoint. Stripes and...some sort of animal print? Sure, Aria, you weren't drinking in the morning again...

Wait, where did Hanna's grandma come from? Did she get introduced during that scene with Emily and Mr. Emily? Cause I totally wasn't paying attention to that conversation... I'm not imagining things, right? Hannah's Grandma (Handma?) came out of nowhere, right??

I'm glad we're not pretending the Mr. Aria and Alison thing didn't happen. Because that was super random and I NEED ANSWERS!

Hmmm. Crazy Mona looks normal enough to me. They should probably trust her. Oh wait, the whole insane-o A thing. Yeah, okay, the cold-shoulder seems appropriate.

Back when I was in school, cell phones weren't really a thing yet (except for the gargantuan Zack Morris phone). Do teachers really confiscate them as often as TV would have us believe? I would definitely keep my phone out of sight if there was a chance it would be taken from me. That would drive me nuts.

I also wouldn't use it to film somebody so openly in the hall, especially somebody who was previously-and-probably-still-is crazy sauntering down the hall with a large knife (with or without a brain on the tip). Again, I'd get the hell out of Dodge. I guess I'm just flighty like that.

The shirt Aria is wearing beneath the striped blazer totally has cheetahs or something crazy on it. And that's in addition to the animal print skirt. That's phenomenal. Aria is a phenomenon.

HOT CALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss/love you Hot Caleb. Be on my TV all the time, okay?

More Halloween episode references! Hooray! Oh yeah. Aria did stab her kidnapper. I'd forgotten about that. Good stuff, PLL. This is why I love this show. They give you enough to keep you from getting frustrated. Plus Aria's wardrobe, which makes you question your own sanity/wardrobe.

Is Creeper Toby acting differently now that we know he's on the A team? Or was he always like this? I guess they couldn't make him too aggressive before or we'd have known he was up to something. Spencer probably assumes he just skipped breakfast or something. She's always letting him off the hook!

More creepy dolls. Why PLL? Why???

Aria + Ezra = snooooooooze. It's not like I have a problem with these two together, but like the Emily and Mr. Emily scene, I just have a tendency to tune out... until there's a creepy "It's a boy!" basket waiting outside! Things are heating up in the whole Ezra-Alex Mack-Baby scandal and Ezria might get interesting!

Spencer's green and rainbow-y "running shirt" is awesome. Sweaty Creeper Toby is not. "Not exactly a bubble bath." LOVE IT. I'm so using that sometime...

Jason's hair is super voluminous. I wonder if he uses some kind of styling product on it?

HOT CALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his plea for Emily to feed him. Hanna should totally be making out with him 24/7. Every minute she spends scheming with the liars is wasted makeout time!

Speaking of makeouts, we move on to Spencer and Creeper Toby in a hot tub. I honestly can't tell if Creeper Toby's frustrated look at the end of this scene is because Spencer's getting her suspicion on or because he was hoping things in the hot tub would go from hot to handsy. No, Creeper Toby, just no.

Aria and Mr. Aria scenes would normally be potentially boring, but the whole Alison thing definitely has my attention. Nice digging, Aria, you phenomenon, you. For a split second I was disappointed with the lack of any revealing info, but the Mr. Aria double-take at the end was a nice, suggestive touch! That sounded dirty. I apologize.

Lucas is rocking some seriously voluminous hair too. I wonder if he's been using Jason's styling products? Is pouffy dude hair in style right now? I'm not really diggin it.

HOT CALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that guy has awesome hair. I promise I won't Hot-Caleb-squeal for the rest of the season. It's just been a long break :)

Aaaaand Aria is wearing an American flag skull shirt with a studded jacket. I get that this show has a wardrobe department full of crazy crap like that, just ripe for the Aria, but what teenage girl has all this random crap in her closet? I guess Aria does. Her parents should stop giving her an allowance if she's going to spend it on random crap she could probably cobble together out of upholstery fabric and old mittens. She probably does that too. Grow up and get a job, Aria.

Is Handma a thing now? Like, is she part of the A team? What is going on?? Don't get me wrong, she's gets major points for randomly singing. And bonus points to Hanna for excusing it away with "Because she can." I'm definitely team Haleb, but I think I'm also team Handma now.

Sneaky Emily might want to give Mr. Emily a few minutes to leave before crawling out the window. Rookie mistake, Sneaky Emily. I feel like that whole phone switch is going to come back to bite her in the A team, if you know what I mean.

Mr. Aria and Alison! Extortion? Is this just about Meredith? Before, I felt like we were to believe something happened BETWEEN Mr. Aria and Alison, but maybe she's just looking for a little cold, hard Mr. Aria cash.

Oooh Creeper Toby vs. Creeper Motel/Janitor Guy. You won't win with either of these gents, ladies! Stick with Hot Caleb. Or even Jason. His hair is pouffy, but he is generally less creepy.

Ah! Explosion-y fire! Commercial break!!

Emily and Mr. Emily again...... yeah. Where's Emily's mom? Where's Hanna's mom? Was I not paying attention when these things were discussed? Furthermore, where's Aria's mom? Did all the PLL moms get mom-napped? Why is nobody on top of this? It was probably A!

Pouffy Jason. Is his shirt just open for no reason? Yeah, I guess that's fine. But it feels a little forced. "Hey Spece, just hanging out on my porch here with perfectly chiseled abs peaking out from behind this designer shirt. No big deal."

Wait WHAT?????? Jason + injury + Crazy Mona = WHAT????? I take back what I said about Jason being less creepy than Creeper Toby.

That's all for this week, folks! Things are only going to get nuttier and I can't wait!