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Photo credit: Freeform


The PLLs desperately attempt to cover up their secret, and in turn, end up straining their relationships with their respective bed buddies by keeping them in the dark. While the aftermath of Haleb’s kiss weighs on Spaleb’s relationship, Spencer copes in ways she might later regret. Mona intervenes with the cover-­‐‑up plan, for better or worse.

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Photo credit: Freeform

Photo credit: Freeform

1. We return to the burying a body in the wood scene. Aria is being reasonable. Spencer surprisingly isn't. Emily delivers dialogue that seemed intriguing in the premiere ("I can't believe we're burying..."), but doesn't make as much sense now, knowing who they're burying. Can you really not, believe it, Em?  

2. Shards of glass aside, you can tell Hanna didn't wash too thoroughly in the shower, cause, sure, she got the blood off, but what about all that pesky eye makeup? 

3. This Spaleb/lowkeyHaleb scene is heartbreaking. Not because Spaleb are breaking up for the 40th time (seriously guys, it's dead, stop poking it), but because it's so obvious how crushed Hanna is to hear Hot Caleb struggling to save a sinking ship. I get it Hot Caleb. Hanna shot you down when you tried to talk to her about the kiss. This Spencer thing is probably worth saving in your mind, but she has a point about you not loving her. And she has a point about deserving someone who does.

4. Aria loses Ali like, immediately. Why did they think this was a good pairing? Basically, Emily needs to always be in charge of Ali-related tasks. She's the only one fully committed to the job. 

5. I know Spender is sad, but getting drunk during a murder cover-up seems dumb. Really dumb. Which is one of the reasons I don't like Spaleb. Hot Caleb and Hanna are good for each other. Meanwhile, Hot Caleb seems to make Spencer turn into a stupid person. This is not a good relationship. Again, stop poking it.   

6. And the car is missing. Why did they leave it in the woods unguarded in the first place? Also, this is the second time this episode that Aria has lost something important. I can't help but feel, when the liars break into team Hanna/Aria and Spencer/Emily that the former is the kids' table.  

7. Whoa, Spencer and hot guy (didn't catch his name) in the elevator. I can't say I blame her. And this definitely adds an interesting new dimension to the big mess they're all in. I'm not going to pretend Spencer wouldn't be capable of this if she really loved Hot Caleb. I think she is hurting, and wants to feel better. But it definitely puts her in a position to not be as angry and Hanna for her part in the Haleb kiss. Cause, hypocrite much? Then again, are Spaleb even still together? They did leave things kinda open-ended (again). Does this count as cheating? 

8.  All hail Mona, the queen of all things shady business. I'm sorry I ever called you creepy. 

9. Jenna is back and creepy/awesome as ever. I hope she's back for a legit reason and not just as a red herring. Because she's GOT to be up to something, right?

10. Okay she has the number to Archer/Elliot's burner phone. Maybe this will lead somewhere?

Prettiest Little Quote of the Week:

"You didn't exactly do a crackerjack job of erasing the tire tracks." -Queen Mona