pretty little recap: things are about to get flamey

Creeper Toby has been exposed! Maybe. Probably. The point is, Spencer basically equals sad face. A lot. Troian Bellisario is some sort of heartstring-pulling-wizard. Brace yourselves, PLLers, this is going to be painful.

3.17 Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno
Previously on PLL: Crazy Mona and Creeper Toby are totes in cahoots, which we basically already knew. We finally acknowledge the whole Stalker Nate fiasco was a thing that happened. And let's re-live the crazy shiz that happened last week with Meredith drugging Aria and Spencer finding out about Creeper Toby! There's no way this week is going to live up to that suspense!
A heartbroken Spencer will break your heart. Photo credit: ABC Family
...And of course we start with a shirtless Creeper Toby in full creeper mode, strangling our dear Spence. But also of course, it's a nightmare. Poor Spencer. Ugh. I have a feeling I'm going to be saying that a lot tonight...
Aria and Emily are back on the Melissa-as-suspect train. Which is fair. But oh man. Poor Spencer. See??

Did we know that Emily's mom is working at the police station? Or is that a convenient new plot point they've thrown in? Stalker Nate's family has sent Emily a bunch of mementos that Emily had given to Alison. That's...a strange way to say "sorry my son tried to kill you". But of course in PLL land, old mementos usually = important clues so Emily should probably write them a nice thank you note.

Good ol' Ashley's back, trying to have a heart to heart with Hanna, as though she didn't recently randomly disappear for a while. As you do when you're the single parent of a notoriously sneaky teenage girl. Of course Hanna did have good ol' Handma around to watch after her. But then what happened to Handma? She left as quickly as she magically appeared... Did Ashley just say something about Hot Caleb in a cape? I can dig it. Really, Hanna should be more grateful that Hot Caleb is looking out for her. Crazy Mona is clearly a real threat. I'd take all the Hot Caleb in a cape help I could get.

Aria and Mr. Aria scene. Snooze. Not paying attention now that his dirty laundry has been aired. Sure, he's still suspicious in the way that he's always been suspicious, but he might as well be wearing a shirt that says "Red Herring" on it at this point.

Oh right. The Ezra haz kid storyline. Man, a lot of this stuff has been taking a backseat recently. But still, it can stay back there if it means we learn more about Creeper Toby and his nefarious deeds! I kind of want a whole episode where Spencer and the other liars question him interrogation room style. Too much to ask?

Ha! Just like that Hanna mentioned Handma! Oh man, if Handma has been secretly corresponding with Ali about beach hotties that would be too cool. Handma needs her own spin-off. Get on it, ABC Family. I want Pretty Old Handma!

I have to admit, I'm not totally hating Aria's dress. Her accessories are atrocious, but the dress itself? Assuming I'm not missing some hideous hidden aspect of it, not too bad. She must still be feeling feverish from last week.

Uh oh. Hanna overheard sneaky Paige talking to Hot Caleb. So many people on this show need to be schooled in the ways of being sneaky! Don't do it in public, people! Rule #1 of being sneaky is to avoid other people knowing you're up to something!

Things are getting tense between Emily and Spencer. Actually, it's mostly Spencer. They did a fantastic job making her look like she's too distraught to care what she looks like. She's clearly falling apart. Poor, poor Spencer.

Ha ha! Okay, Creeper Toby in juvie is hi-larious. What's with the do-rag? I guess doing hard time in juvie changes a man. Okay, this is starting to make sense. Creeper Toby hates Alison because of Jenna. And he probably hates the other liars too. And has been playing them all from the start. Poor Spencer! She can't even bring herself to tell Emily what happened with Creeper Toby even though it's TOTALLY IMPORTANT. Spencer, I get the whole emotional breakdown thing, but important info is important info. Get it together, woman!

Spencer's on a rampage, making accusations and causing trouble after receiving a text from "Aria" about the whole Ezra haz kid sitch. These girls should never trust text messages. If somebody doesn't say something to your face, just assume it's from a bad source. Now Ezra is all "What?" and I kind of don't care because Ezra and Aria either will be or they won't, you know? That's just how they do. And there are more important plot lines to explore! Like what colour would Hot Caleb's cape be? I'm thinking red because he's a classic superhero type.

But for now, I guess we're stuck with this plot line. I suppose it needs to be wrapped up at some point. Ezra is freaking out. Rightfully so. You really should have told him, Aria. It's easy to blame Spencer for this, but if Aria had just told him... This is why mature adults shouldn't date people in high school. Or, you know, knock up their girlfriends and then not speak to them for years. I'm not really sure what the lesson is here....

So yeah, I guess this whole Emily's mom working the police station thing is going to be important since they're bothering to show her on the job. How convenient! What was her job before? I have no clue. See? This is how they get away with it. They made her previous job so unimportant that I now just accept that she's working at the police station. Cop dude (whose name I can't recall or possibly never knew) is definitely digging for dirt. Watch out Emily's mom! I know a Rosewood Sneaky Snake when I see one (because of the obviousness) and that guy has something up his sleeve!

And we're back to, say it with me, Poor Spencer. This is a perfect example of someone who would feel better if she just explained what's going on. Clearly talking to Aria isn't going to help though, what with Aria's disastrous inability to clear the air herself. Spence is definitely working through the stages of grief. I think she's in denial. Or doing the anger thing. Or some combo of the two.

A is not a tough love life coach. Thanks Aria. But now that you mention it, I think that's definitely A's motivation. Let's just stick with that moving forward. A is all about lessons! The liars should probably write a nice thank you note...

Big reveal of the night: Was Ali pregnant when she died? Time to open another can of worms. Baby worms!

Hanna is tailing Paige and I have a bad feeling about this. It would appear there are a lot of attractive young lesbians in Rosewood. Does Emily know that Paige is (I assume) frequenting a gay bar?

Oh Spencer, no! Don't reach out to Creeper Toby! Grab a pint of ice cream, make some popcorn, watch some chick flicks, hang with your fellow liars and wallow--these are all acceptable things. But the one thing you shouldn't do is go and meet with your ex-boyfriend who you recently learned is potentially murderous! That rarely ends well.

Looks like Paige is flirting it up at the Rosewood hottie gay scene, where apparently Hanna could also clean up if she felt so inclined. Seriously, where did all these smokin hot lesbians come from?? I do love me some Hanna as comedic relief though.

Emily and Aria are discussing Ali's potential bun on the oven. It's interesting enough info. But I feel like it doesn't fit in well with the stuff we already know. I don't want the truth of what happened to Ali to be something out of left field. I want it to mesh well with the established facts. So I hope this is just a mislead or somehow works well into the main story.

Oh Spencer. Poor, sad Spencer. It's almost too much. I've never seen such a sad application of mascara. Why even bother, Spencer? It's going to be running down your cheeks within seconds. Crying while applying eye make-up is hella counter-productive.

Cop dude has Ali's notebook now. That's probably a bad thing. I'm not really following what's happening with that pic from Cape May. Is... that the cop? I'm really bad when it comes to certain characters needing to be in their usual uniforms/clothing in order for me to recognize them. But yeah, I think that's him. And I guess he's somehow connected to the beach-hottie-baby-daddy? Yeah, I'm gonna need more info on this one....

Spencer and...who is that? Okay, I fell for it. I totally thought she wanted to meet with Creeper Toby. I'm sorry I doubted you, Spence. I don't know if we've met this other guy before or not, but clearly he's some sort of P.I. My memory is not doing so well tonight or maybe it is and we legit don't' know this guy. Who knows. Looks like I need an IMDB refresher on these actors...

Oh Ashley. You try to be a good mom, but we all know you're not. Just let Hanna do what she's gonna do. Honestly, the suggestion that Hanna use a hot oil treatment on her hair is probably the most parental thing she's said in weeks (because of the not being around most of the time).

Aria + Ezra = OK? Hooray? Honestly, it's fine. I guess if they can survive this kind of thing, they'll survive anything. And they might as well. But it looks like Ezra's going to be out of the picture for a while. Hmmm. Based on Ezra's crying, maybe things aren't okay after all. Get it together, man. You're dating a girl in high school and you're the one crying? Ugh. Who knows with these two. I'm sure they'll be fine again in no time. They're totally BFFs foreva and junk.

Cue the dolls! Because A loves dolls. But again I find myself wondering why everything has to be so elaborate with A. Is it just the crazy? Is some sort of eccentric millionaire backing this operation? Uh oh. Things aren't looking good for Hanna what with the blonde doll being face-torched...

Not as suspenseful as last week's episode, and I didn't want to go there, but I will--Hot Caleb is sorely lacking! Not acceptable! But if that final scene is any indicator, it looks like things are going to be heating up (get it?) and given the target's on Hanna's back, we SHOULD get a decent dose of Hot Caleb soon as well. Until next week!