okay so, yeah, i know...

I know. I know. I know I said I'd update soon and then an entire month went by, but it has been the craziest month for reals. Seriously. And because of said craziness, I will soon have an EVEN CRAZIER post coming soon. And by "crazier", I mean whoa, and possibly that I will require some sort of mascot moving forward who can be my advocate in the "seriously who can blog when their brain's exploding" game.

But since I feel like the worst blogger on the planet, let me give you a taste of my soon-to-be-fleshed-out excuses:

1. A very cute baby was involved
2. A very cranky baby was involved (who may or may not be the same baby mentioned above)
3. A book I'm extremely proud of was involved
4. Some very exciting communication was involved

So yeah, details on that SOON. And by soon, I actually mean SOON. As in before the spendiferous season of fall arrives. But almost definitely sooner. Like maybe next week.

So hang in there and I'll start thinking of mascots. Maybe even a mascot competition?!??

Yeah, that's totally happening.

This guy probably won't make the cut:

Dumpy the Snowman
Who needs a third snowball when you can hobble from your oppressors on two L-shaped legs? Hobble Dumpy the Snowman! Hobble toward freedom!