there's a blog in my soup!

I've blogged before, but it's always felt too personal to really put out there. This time, well, it's still going to be personal, but it's going to be a little more, oh shall we say, polished? That doesn't mean I don't expect quirky stream-of-consciousness posts to sneak their way onto this blog, but it does mean I'm going to try and keep it a bit more topical.

Let's compare:

Blogs of the past: ramblings of a somewhat-still-angsty-despite-her-age twenty-something girl
Blog of today: ramblings of a somewhat-still-angsty-despite-her-age-though-certainly-not-as-angsty-as-before twenty-something woman, who after many years of honing her craft has finally finished writing a novel and wants to keep a record of her journey toward (all fingers crossed) publication (one can dream and oh yes, she dreams)

Blogs of the past: infrequent meaningful posts scattered amongst too-frequent bursts of rediculousness
Blog of today: more consistent journal-style entries that contain a varied mix of life stuff, work stuff and writing stuff

Blogs of the past: pretty floral backgrounds with coordinating fonts
Blog of today: hey, I never said this blog would be completely different...

So that's my goal: to maintain a regular blog that will be a little less personal than blogs of the past and will hopefully one day be something I can look back on as a record of the time, effort, blood, sweat, tears, and cookies (yes, cookies) I put into writing my first novel.