mother mother, can you hear me? i'm just calling to say hello

Happy Earth Day Blogonians! (yeah yeah, I'm working on it...Blogonians, Blogophiles, Bligabloogs... hmmm, I kinda like that one...)

In honor of our dear, sweet mother earth, who has nothing but unconditional love for we, her unappreciative tenants (ok, she has unconditional love aside from the odd natural disaster... mama's gotta lay the smack down every now and then), I hope everyone takes a little time out of their day to think about what they can do to help care for and sustain our ailing mother earth. Putting her in a retirement home is not an option.

If I didn't have to be at work today, I know I'd want to be out there planting trees (I hope there comes a day when my schedule is flexible enough that I can do stuff like that on earth day). Trees are amazing and here's a few reasons why:
-that oxygen thing
-fun to climb
-home to birdies
-provide excellent shade on hot summer days
-atmospheric around Hallowe'en
-they make books, which I'm clearly a huge fan of
-that cool rustling sound they make when there's a breeze

Another thing I like to do on earth day is spend a little time with my good pal David Suzuki:

Let's face it, the guy could not be more awesome. If you want to spend a little time with DS too, I HIGHLY recommend checking out his website , which is full of useful tips and information for how we can reduce our carbon footprint.

I hope everybody has an educational earth day! Post dedicated to Lil Novey still to come!