pretty little reaction: catching up and counting down

I am still catching up on many things, but with the fourth episode of only ten (!) in PLL's final run set to air tonight, we have some serious catching up to do! So let's dive in with some reactions to the first three episodes!


  • This board game is everything I want in a final season arc--mysterious, a bit frightening, and full of potential. Please don't mess this up, PLL.

  • Oh, Yvonne, just die already. Yes, you're a perfectly lovely person, but this is Rosewood, and you've served your purpose.
  • I can't even with all these parental affairs. Does somebody have it all written out in a chart? I need a chart. 

  • I'm also getting close to not being able to even with Emily, Alison, and Paige. I know we need drama, but it doesn't need to be high school drama, even if they work at a high school. Ditto for Aria's shenanigans. Get it together, Aria. You're engaged. You need to communicate with your man.

  • Okay, let's talk Haleb. This is exactly what I wanted--happy Haleb for a good stretch of episodes before the series ends. If this show had waited until the very last episode to have these two be happy, I would have been very disappointed, but this, this is good. 

  • A lot to process in this one. I might need to rewatch...


  • Is it just me, or was this episode kinda boring? I think I was supposed to draw parallels between Addison's character and old-school Ali, but really, it just made me with old-school Ali had always remained as old-school Ali. I mean, sure, they all have to grow up sometime, but I miss her sass. She's getting better, but the spark just isn't there. I guess sacrifices must be made if we want Emily and Ali to have a HEA. Can't have that with Ali scheming too much. 

  • Okay, both Yvonne and Nicole clearly just need to die at this point. You're holding up the story, ladies.

  • I'm kinda over Hanna being captured. I mean, yeah, I love anything that gives us good Haleb scenes, but it's time to mix it up a bit.

  • Seriously, doesn't it feel like there should be more to this episode given how few we have left?

  • Even Mona is boring me right now. Let's move on....


  • I'm sure we're supposed to be rooting for Spencer and Toby at this point, and yeah, I kinda am, but Spencer and Hot Cop are definitely cute together. 

  • And speaking of hot duos, hello Aria and Emily! I forgot how fun these two can be together. Aria makes Emily so much more interesting!

  • Haleb. Haleb. Haleb. So much Haleb and I am loooooving it.

  • Not a fan of Hot Caleb being gassed, obvs, but I also knew he'd survive. I mean, it's Hot Caleb, you guys. He's endgame. 

  • Also hooray for Caleb and Spencer actually being friends here! Way to be mature, you two! I hope this friendship stems from a deep understanding that you never really loved each other in the first place. 

  • RIP Yvonne. What took you so long, girl? I'm surprised, but not really, that they went through with having Toby marry her first. Gotta draw out that drama, I guess.

  • Clearly, something freaky is going on with Nicole. I thought I wanted her dead, but this could be interesting. This episode was a lot more thrilling than the last one. Let's hope it only gets crazier from here. Game on, AD.