friday5 for April 22, 2016

Okay, confession time: this isn't really a proper Friday5 post. I had every intention of doing one today, as something of a spring makeover for the Friday5, but then I got hit by an awful stomach bug earlier this week and that pretty much derailed my plans. 

That said, I did want to do something, since it's been a few weeks of back-to-back busy-ness and radio silence. So here's a quick preview of the new format. No longer will the Friday5 be a mostly random list, changing from week to week; I'm hoping a little structure will infuse it with a bit more diversity, and help streamline the content. 

Presenting the new Friday5 line-up:


From now on, the first section of the Friday5 will be devoted to all things meeee! :) Well, sort of. It will serve as a quick glimpse into what I've been up to in any given week, my writing, etc. It's also a place for me to share things I've come across that don't fit into the other categories.


It's probably not surprising that books and publishing are getting their own slot in the new Friday5. This is an author blog, after all. Everything from changes in the industry, to book deals, to movie rights, etc. If it's book-related and exciting, I'm probably going to want to talk about it. 


No surprises here either. What's the Friday5 without a little pop culture news? My challenge moving forward is going to be only selecting one story per week...


Since I seem to often have a TV, movie, or book trailer worth sharing, I feel pretty confident there will be a few contenders for this slot every week too. Trust me, it'll always be something you won't want to have missed. 


Because some things never change (and shouldn't), the final piece of the Friday5 every week will continue to be devoted to noteworthy new books in the young adult genre. Keep those to-read lists handy!

That's it for now--stay tuned for the first real edition of the revised Friday5 next week (assuming I don't get swamped by work, or illness, or any of the other things that have made April essentially disappear).

Happy weekend!