My back hurts. 
What time is it?
I need coffee. 
I need to pee. 
I shouldn’t have drank so much water. 
I shouldn’t have stayed up so late.
My eyes hurt. 
I need an allergy pill. 
No, an Advil cold and sinus. 
Shoot. We’re out. 
I need something. 
Yes, I’m in here. 
Yes, I’m getting up. 
Give me a minute, please. 
I’ll be right out. 
What have you been up to?
Did you eat?
Where’s your sister?
The dog needs to pee. 
The cat’s hungry. 
Did anyone feed these animals?
Because it’s one of your jobs. 
No, you can’t skip it. 
They need to eat. 
Please go get dressed. 
We have to leave soon. 
I need coffee. 
There’s applesauce on the floor. 
A lot of applesauce. 
You made an applesauce burrito?
No, I imagine that wouldn’t hold together. 
Who took a brick of cheese out of the fridge and left it on the counter? 
I should’ve emptied the dishwasher last night. 
No time to do it now. 
Ugh, the cat pooped on the rug again. 
I need to let the dog in. 
Then I’ll grab paper towels. 
That rug needs to go in the wash. 
Apple sauce. 
Cat poop. 
The litter box probably needs to be cleaned. 
Poor girl. 
I’m sorry. 
I miss your brother too. 
Yes, just grab a granola bar then. 
I don’t know where your water bottle is. 
Check the table in the hall. 
And go get dressed. 
We have to leave soon. 
I still need to let the dog in. 
I should clean that apple sauce up first. 
Did I make a coffee?
Come in. Who’s a good boy? 
Isn’t there something else I had to remember today?
An appointment somewhere? 
No, that’s tomorrow. 
The vet. 
The doctor later this week too. 
Nothing else on the calendar, but I remember something. 
Two assignments due, but no, it’s something else. 
What is it?
I need to buy that birthday present. 
Dance is no longer cancelled on Saturday. 
Something else.
It’ll come to me. 
I can’t forget to sign you guys up for camp. 
Where are your pants? You need pants. 
Sure, wear that, but grab a sweater. 
It’s not that warm yet. 
Yes, you can bring a stuffed animal. 
No, a small one. 
Sure, you can too. 
Just pick one. 
I need to get dressed. 
Go get your pants. 
Get them now. 
Put them on. 
Did anybody feed you yet?
I’ll do it. 
Where’s my coffee?
I didn’t make it. 
The library books are due soon. 
I’m not sure. 
I’ll grab them. 
The water in the well probably needs to be tested. 
Is everyone wearing pants?
Yes, I realize I’m not. 
I’m going to do that now. 
Brush your hair. 
We should have left by now. 
No, that’s not a small stuffie. 
I need to pack a bag. 
Extra hats and mitts. 
Extra socks. 
Extra pants just in case. 
I need something. 
Advil cold and sinus. 
Right, we’re out. 
I need to add that to the list. 
The birthday present.
A card too.
Do we have wrapping paper?
Dance is no longer cancelled on Saturday. 
Something else. 
I need to grab socks from the dryer. 
Pants. Put on pants. 
Do it now. 
Put the trains away. 
You can play with them later. 
You have to brush your entire head of hair, not just the front. 
Library books. 
Water bottles. 
I need to grab those bags of clothes for the donation bin. 
I need to empty the trunk first. 
I need to get dressed. 
Brush my teeth. 
I need coffee. 
You guys both need to pee before we go. 
Wash your hands. 
Do it now while I get dressed. 
We have to leave. 
Put your boots on. 
Put your boots on. 
Put your boots on. 
Yes, you need to bring a coat. 
Because I haven’t kept you alive all these years just to let you freeze to death now. 
Where’s the dog? 
As long as he’s not outside. 
Is the oven off?
Are the doors locked?
I should check the outdoor lights. 
I need to pee. 
I need to load the car. 
Get in the car.
I’ll buckle you. 
I already told you that stuffie’s too big. 
Where’s the small one?
Fine. Fine. 
I can’t argue about this. 
Everyone’s buckled, right?
Got my bag. 
The donations. 
The library books. 
Water bottles. 
Yes, we’ll stop. 
I need coffee. 
There’s something else. 
I’ll think of it. 
Yes, you can have my last piece of gum. 
Because I love you.